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Educational Programs

Cherry Blossom Toddler Center:

The Toddler Center was established with the goal of providing every young child a unique period of self development in a tender and nurturing atmosphere of special understanding, respect, and support. Children from various cultural backgrounds are welcome and family members are encouraged to participate in the program. 

The program is based on accepted theories of social, physical, emotional, and psychological development of the child.  The program is individualized to meet the needs of every child.  Children select activities and materials that interest them and they learn by being actively involved. The physical environment is quiet, safe, healthy and contains a variety of toys and materials that are educational, stimulating, and familiar.

Accepted student age range:

2 months – 3 years old

School hours:
Monday – Friday
Half day:  8:30 AM – 12:00
Full day: 8:30 AM – 15:00

Hellos and goodbyes
Diapering and Toileting
Eating and mealtimes
Sleeping and naptime

Playing with toys
Dabbing in art
Imitating and role-playing
Tasting and preparing food
Exploring sand and water
Having fun with music and movement

Cherry Blossom Pre-school

  1. To provide activities that facilitate gross motor development and fine motor development.
  2. To guide and establish learning experiences that will assist each child to become a maturing individual as well as a responsible and productive member of society.
  3. To provide complete curriculum in mastering academic skills and concepts.
  4. To provide a wholesome atmosphere for students in an international setting.
  5. To establish rapport with the parents, parents to teachers, that helps the child in his/her social and emotional development.

Accepted student age range:
3  – 5 years old

School hours:
Monday – Friday
Half day:  8:30 AM – 12:00
Full day: 8:30 AM – 15:00

Dropping time:
8:15 – 8:30

Requirements for registration
  1. Copy of the child’s birth certificate
  2. Copy of the child’s immunization records
  3. Completed registration form
  4. Payment of registration fee, materials fee, first month tuition and deposit fee